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Chili, Chilli or Chile & Everything Chili

Pepper, Capsicum , Paprika or La-Chiaw

This website intends to give my respected readers information on chili to the best of my knowledge. It is my pleasure to share with you my knowledge on chili planting and chili cooking too. Good things are meant to be shared. Today, more than 1/4 of the world consumes chili everyday, and the number is ever rising. Will you be the next number?

I am a vivid chili lover. I started eating chili at the age of four, considered a late comer among my peers! One day, my mum forbid me to take chili as I had a fever. But I just could not overcome my craving for chili. After two days of 'secretly consuming chili', my fever was gone and I was back to my active self. Mum was puzzled. Now I know the reason:
Chili was my Doctor.



Chili was indigenous to Central, South America and the West Indies with 5000 thousands years of history, The first cultivation of chili took place around 3000 BC.

With the
Spanish conquests, chilies were finally introduced to the rest of the world. Today there are more than 400 varieties of chilies. In Mexico alone, there are more than 140 varieties of chilies grown. To date chili is consumed by ¼ of the world’s population.





Chili terms (chilli, chili, chile, pepper, paprika, tabasco, capsicum, la-chiaw)
Origin, colors, sizes and shapes. Chilies may bear different names, exhibit different colors, shapes and sizes, but they have one thing in common......

more about chili



Healthy plants & Garden tips
Make sure the plant is healthy by manuring once a fortnight... More


Increasing chili yield during fruiting, keep harvesting the fruits before they ripen fully on the plant.



Due to the nutritional values and the medicinal values
of chilies,
those who have been taking chilies may want to take more. Those who never dreamt of eating chilies should summon all their might and courage to start venturing into eating chilies. Chilies have all the goodness of a dietary entity. It only has a 'bad' effect: the 'burning' effect!

As a seasoning, chili can be added in any amount to suit personal taste. So, add chili to anything; soup, rice, bread, dip, salad, spaghetti, seafood, macaroni, pizza, noodles, sauce, sausage, yoghurt.
more chili recipes

Sweet and sour fish
This is a very delicious dish. Quick and easy, yet so tantalizing. A favorite recipe for many, suitable for children and those who do not like the bony nature of the fish.

Cooking secrets for prawns
How to cook a delicious chili shrimp, maintaining its freshness, succulent and juicy nature.
Start cooking now
How about making your own noodle and chili noodle recipes ?
It is easy; if you know the bread recipe,  ........
try it out yourself

Stir fry salad for health  Chilies serve many functions. Besides being used as ingredient, they are used for decorative purposes, to add colors to the dish.



Chili peppers domesticated > 6000 years ago

According to new research, reported in a February 2006 journey Science, the chili pepper has been found to be the oldest spice in use in the Americas, and one of the oldest in the world. In Science, the research findings provide details about early plant cultivation and the use of chili peppers for food and ceremonial purposes.

Chili Peppers Domesticated ...


See the line up of your favorite chilies,
Capsicums in the hierarchy of burning sensations...




The bell pepper
- the fear-not chili
  Naga jolokia - the
hottest chili in the world.
Other chilies on the Scoville scale:
annuum, cayenne, jalapeno, Scotch bonnet, capsicum, Thai chili, Malaysian birdseye chili  

Chili and Onion in Climate Change Mitigation?

Chili planting to generate income for people who might otherwise turn illegal loggers. This avoids deforestation and reduce carbon dioxide emissions to save the Earth.

The idea is to use solar dryers and other systems to prevent the onions from rotting, releasing the more potent greenhouse gas, methane. The project not only helps to cut greenhouse gas emissions, but also improve the farmers' income.


Eco-cooking to help save the Earth from Global to mitigate
We can be energy efficient ....kitchenware or fuels...

The good news is that we know how to win the fight against global warming,
we follow the
green path, we go eco-cooking.



Recycling water melon skin

pickle melon skin
Pickle melon skin

The waste-management and recycling policies in Japan should be models for all.....sorting garbage into 44 recycling bins!   
See how the Japanese and other industrialized nations recycle



Why is chili loved ?
Why is chili fast gaining
popularity in culinary? To date,
1/4 of the world's population consumes chili everyday, and the rate is ever on the rise.




Chili as A Rich Source of  Vitamins
Chili is richly endowed with vitamins A and C necessary for general health. It is also a good source of most B vitamins and vitamin B6 in particular.
They are naturally low in fat, calories and has
zero cholesterol. In addition, they contain very high content of potassium, magnesium and iron



A Slimming Agent and Beauty Agent
The main ingredient in chili, is called capsaicin. Capsaicin was extracted from chili by scientists about a century ago. It has the much desired ability to help burning out fatty cells. As it works, it
goes deep into the fatness.....



Doctor chili
The intake of capsaicin (the main component in chili), for whichever purpose, does not give rise to side effects as arising from drug uses.
Eat chili to your hearty content. No bad side effects if your body system can withstand the pungency.

The feel good factor of eating chili
Whilst others get choked and almost cough out the lungs, chili addicts say 'give me more, give me more...'




Read more on:



The Scoville scale
The degree of hotness, or the comparative capsaicin
level in each type of chili, can be measured on
the Scoville Scale. Each Scoville Unit measures
part per million of capsaicin in a chili.













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